3D Photo Reality


Bird's eye view photos with integrated 3D modelling. See the project.

# Uuesalu kodu project

Uuesalu residential area developer was looking for a solution how to show design buildings in real enviroment to the clients. In this project we combined drone photography and 3D modelling. With that way it was possible to show and understand how design building fits in its new enviroment. 08.2015 # Uuesalu kodu.


Project Workflow

Planning and preparation
Drone photography
Modelling and photo editing
Presentation exports

Key Notes

  • Aerial perspective

    Property and surroundings in detail from an aerial perspective

  • Fits in its environment

    Understand how a new design fits in its environment from any possible angle.

  • Analyse the impact

    Analyse the impact of a new design on its surrounding.

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